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What In The Corrupt Is Happening At Orange County Classical Academy?

OCCA co-founder Mark Bucher has a long history with Orange Unified School District, starting in the 90’s when he co-directed the anti-union Educational Alliance. Their controversial supported trustees (against teacher raises & banned gay student clubs) were recalled in 2001.

Bucher’s involvement with funding OUSD school board candidates is ongoing including his ties with Orange County Charter Advocates for Greater Public Schools PAC.

In 2019, two OUSD trustees had 96% (Ortega) and 97% (Lebsack) total campaign contributions from that one PAC.

That same year (2019), Mark Bucher filed a petition to open Orange County Classical Academy charter school in Orange USD. Some members of the public asked Lebsack & Ortega to recuse themselves from vote. They didn’t.

Mark Bucher & Jeff Barke had themselves a charter school.


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