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OUSD submits petitions for recall of OUSD trustees Ledesma and Miner

On Wednesday September 27th the OUSD Recall submitted signatures to the Registrar of

Voters for the recall of Orange Unified Trustees Ledesma and Miner, much earlier than the

November 9th deadline. Far exceeding the minimum 13,046 signatures required, the recall

submitted 18,370 and 18,311 respectively for Ledesma and Miner. The Registrar of Voters has

until November 8th to validate the signatures for certification of the petitions. Once certified, the

OUSD board would be officially notified at its next regular board meeting, and will then have 14

days to schedule an election. If they fail to act, the ROV determines the date of the election.

Proponents of the recall are calling for the elections to be wrapped in with the March 5th

presidential primary, in order to save the additional one million dollar cost of a special election.

The OUSD Recall is a grassroots committee of parents, community members, and teachers

spurred to action by the egregious mismanagement of the Orange Unified School District by the

current board majority. The OUSD Recall is dedicated to fighting fiscal waste, ending staff

exodus, and prioritizing student safety. Because of the overwhelming support of the community

at large, the OUSD Recall was able to accomplish something 85% of recalls do not: collecting

enough signatures to apply for certification.


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