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Get Involved. Stay Informed.

Are you as angry as we are? Please join us! We need your help to make this recall a reality.

Prefer to send a check?

Print mail-in form here.

Help us protect public education! We are a grassroots movement of parents, teachers, and community members seeking to end the chaos, collusion, and corruption of our current school board majority elected with outside dark money. Our committee has been formed to recall these board members to restore transparency, fiscal responsibility and a school board that chooses OUSD students over politics.​

How much more damage will they do before their terms end? As invested community members, we must come together to protect our students, protect our teachers, and protect our OUSD families NOW. 

Your financial support is crucial to the success of this campaign. Thank you for your interest in the OUSD recall effort.

Please Note: Total (cumulative, including transaction fees) donations by each individual UNDER $100 are recorded but not publicly disclosed on FPPC campaign filings. If you do not wish for your name to be part of itemized campaign filings, please limit donations to $95 (you can cover transaction fees). Each individual in a household/family is considered a separate entity and can donate independently. Donations are tracked cumulatively throughout the campaign. 

Why should you care?


Taxpayer Waste

The Board approved over half
a million dollars for the fired superintendent’s contract payout and for the interim superintendent’s unnecessary travel and lodging.

The interim they appointed quit after 5 weeks on the job without providing value to the district. This cost taxpayers over $70,000.

These funds could have been used in the classroom where they belong.


Unethical Behavior

Rick Ledesma's tactics and backroom deals have brought multiple lawsuits, threats of lawsuits by the First Amendment Coalition, and investigations that will cost the district money and resources.

Madison Miner promotes segregation of Special Education students.

They are prepared to spend 90% of the district's facility reserves on an aquatics center, disregarding other district classroom needs.



No Notice. No Cause. No Plan.

They suspended the OUSD digital library without notice because one book was misfiled by the publisher, disrupting access for 25,884 students and 1,300 teachers.

Teachers and staff, including
nearly 20% of principals, are fleeing
the district, creating a negative
impact on our students’ education and why OUSD teachers support the recall.

How can you help?


Spread the word

We are collecting signatures!

To celebrate and fund this portion of the recall we are raising $25,000 in 25 days.
Help us spread the word.



Help protect public education. 

Your financial support is crucial to the success of this campaign.



We will need the community to make this recall successful. Let us know how you would like to be involved.

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